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here from the chief of the los angeles police department to is involved in this from the operations as well, chief charlie beck. >> very briefly, i want to commend the men and women and their response in this incident. we have created a unified command with that different agencies involved. we will treat this incidence with the unified command. many, many details that you were interested in will must be given out at this point. we will thus become of the nature of injuries, the identity of the suspect, the investigation is being handled by the fbi with the cooperation of the los angeles police department. again, you know, tremendous unified response. i know that this region worries about its airport because of the complex issues involved with various jurisdictions. it was handled very well today. thank you. >> obama one second the reader will next year from fbi special agent in charge, special agent the talk a little bit about the investigation. >> very well. >> david dot pitch, special agent in charge of the fbi. first of three working hand-in-hand with our partners to include the
black friday also thanksgiving thursday they want the deal. liz: tiffany's never goes on sale. the los angeles auto show kicks off featuring 50 cars in the industry including the chevy colorado capable of telling loves you have to do that but is it in game changer? life from the audit show straight from north america. >> this is the truck for you have bigger ones than less big ones but that is the colorado to say this is the truck for the girl. [laughter] >> those who use it for other things stood duty cycle to all things. >> but it is smaller and it is a beautiful truck is different day and the silverado. >> let's lock around the track because they did a video. the ford ranger dropped out of the market, the dodge dakota on the video they had that picture passing by the tacoma said they had to pass by a ranger but is this your way? >> the truck was seen in a beautiful environment it was a ranger raid array am. >> what are the markets. >> 200,000? >> you think it will get a lot bigger. >> moving to the regulatory environment is there is some segmentation we will be 1,000 pounds lighter
live in new york for los angeles and, of course, as long as you're using amazon. amazon in the u.s. postal service are teaming up to program will packages at no rollout more news as -- more u.s. cities. financial terms of the deal not disclosed just yet. expected to give the legal -- beleaguered postal service a much-needed boost. interesting that it was not fedex are ups. that is how smart amazon is, and this is how smart the stock is at the moment, up about 1 percent at $3.803. time a business, especially the into the holiday. people want the summit deliveries. well, apart from amazon we have other technology companies on the move as well. let's get to nicole petallides workman from the floor of the nyse-listed. less talk about the tech movers and shakers. >> reporter: let's do that and take a look. of course, one that everybody loves. it is pulling back a little bit today, down 1/3 of 1%. over a thousand dollars. approaching that level. $10.13. keeping a close eye at twitter. the $39 range. let's take it off. such a great run up over 40 percent this year. the analysts loved it
thanksgivingand copyrighted it and an artist and los angeles and we can up with the line of thanksgivinga product. the best-selling item is the woodstock inspired t-shirt which i will hold up right now. do you see? has the turkey sitting on the guitar. we sold 4,000 of those t-shirts. liz: i am just -- thanksgiving is one day but hanukkah is eight a so there's still an opportunity to make some money. talk about your sales compared to last year at this time when it wasn't this crash of thanksgiving and hanukkah together. >> typically when on the cut is early, because it fluctuates, the lunar calendar. when it is early we don't do as well. so i was expecting a mild holiday season. in october thanksgivinga just exploded and we were doing ten times our sales in october than we had a year ago. it was so much we had to move to a larger space, unpack and fulfills so we are in a big space and we can fulfil 300 orders a day. liz: there is the jonathan at there, not exactly thanksgivinga specific but those run at about $20, very modern. i still don't get that. not exciting but you also have no limit texas
, inland empire and los angeles. but i want to tell you, you know, one of the keys to a transaction in this size is really the people. and when you look at m&a transactions of this magnitude, what's really beautiful about this transaction is that the five operating companies for warehouser stay exactly how they are. those people have their boots on the ground, and nothing changes. and that is so important in putting together a successful merger. not only do you need the reality, but you need the culture and the people. and we're looking forward to working with the entire warehouser group of companies. and there's nobody -- there are companies that have to look behind their shoulder to see other than future growth, and that's what we're excited about is pulling all these companies together under the tri pointe brand. it's going to be a lot of fun. liz: at a time when the housing market has stabilized, but i see a lot of poise in the data. sometimes you get good numbers on existing homes and bad numbers on permits or vice versa. tell me from where you stand, how does the housing marke
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5